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Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theater

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté Theatre

A unique experience! On Düsseldorf’s lovely Rhine promenade Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté invites its guests to a fantastic journey through the world of artistry every evening. With its 506 seats, the Apollo is one of the largest and most beautiful vaudeville theatres in Europe. In its elaborately staged productions, international artists perform their magic, acrobatic, juggling and comedy acts. Captivating compères present top-class entertainment to amaze and amuse the whole family.

Student concession of € 4 on regular ticket prices.

Furthermore students can get tickets for 19€ on wednesdays and thursdays for 8 pm shows, as well as sundays for 6 pm shows.

Apollo-Platz 1
40213 Düsseldorf
Telephone +49 211 - 828 9090
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