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Department 6

Department 6 – Facility Management

A campus covering a total area equal to more than 40 football fields, and with 7,000 rooms needs to be perfectly organised and managed. The 150 staff members of the Department for Facility Management are responsible for keeping the university running smoothly.  

The section Technical Facility Management ensures the operation and maintenance of all buildings and various facilities which together comprise the university and university hospital. Seven days a week – round the clock.

In addition to this, new buildings have to be built or continually adapted to meet the specific requirements of such a teaching and academic organisation. All necessary measures are implemented by the section Planning and Construction in cooperation with the Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW (Building and Infrastructure Service North Rhine-Westphalia).

Furthermore, 90,000 events per year – seminars, lectures, practical courses and others – require assistance. This is provided by staff members in the section for Infrastructural Facility Management, which is responsible for, among other things, caretaking, security and cleaning services, as well as operating the switchboard.

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