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Commission for the awarding of grants

The Rectorate has set up a commission to award central scholarships.

§ 2 Principles and procedural guidelines:

The rectorate has appointed an awards committee consisting of the following members:

  • Rector (Chair)
  • one professorial representative of each faculty (especially deans of studies) at the suggestion of each faculty
  • 3 student representatives, who are elected on the suggestion of the student
  • Senate members are appointed
  • 2 representatives from the group of research assistants, who are appointed on the recommendation of the senate members of this group
  • Equal Opportunities Officer


Chair - Rector (by virtue of office in accordance with § 2 of the Principles and Procurement Guidelines)

Prof. Dr. Anja Steinbeck

5 professorial representatives of each faculty

Faculty of Law: Prof. Horst Schlehhofer
Faculty of Mathematics: Prof. Rainer Kalenscher (Representative: Prof. Christian Ganter)
Faculty of Medicine: Prof. Ulrich Decking
Faculty of Philosophy: Prof. Dr. Helmut Brall-Tuchel
Faculty of Economic Sciences: Prof. Peter Kenning

2 representatives from the group of scientific staff

Dr. Martina Nicklaus, Romance Studies IV
Dr. Guido Johannes Reiß, Inorganic and Structural Chemistry II

3 student representatives

Chair of the AStA

Equal Opportunities Officer (by virtue of office according to § 2 of the Principles and Procurement Guidelines)

Dr. Anja Vervoorts

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