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Commission for Information Supply, Processing and New Media (KIM)

Modern information management is a given for a university like Heinrich Heine University. The Commission for Information Supply and Processing as well as New Media (KIM) develops strategic and operative concepts for the establishment of a cooperative IKM supply system.

These are adopted and implemented in the Rectorate after hearing the deans and the management of the University and State Library, the University Administration, the University Clinic and ZIM.

Further members

Director of the Center for Information and Media Technology (ZIM):

Prof. Dr. Harald Ziegler

Information Officers (IO):

University and State Library: Ralf Matalla
Central University Administration: Christian Wolf
University Clinic: Michael Gutmann
Faculty of Philosophy: S. Zerbe
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences: Prof. Dr. Markus Kollmann
Faculty of Medicine: Saleh Tibi
Faculty of Business Administration and Economics: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marius Wehner
Faculty of Law: Peter Noack

The tasks of KIM are described in the IKM concept of Heinrich-Heine-University.
IKM-Versorgungskonzept (German)

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