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Studies Commission

Proactive quality management for teaching and studies is an important control instrument at Heinrich Heine University. Under the management of the Vice President for Quality in Studies and Teaching, Professor Dr Christoph J. Börner, the Heinrich Heine University Studies Commission is responsible for advising the Rectorate on all matters relating to teaching and studies. The Studies Commission also advises the Rectorate on decisions relating to the use of central Quality Improvement Funds pursuant to the law on improving the quality of teaching and studies at universities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (study quality law – Studiumsqualitätsgesetz) of 1 March 2011 and makes recommendations.

The Commission comprises four representatives from the group of professors, four representatives from the group of academic staff and nine representatives from the group of students. The Deans of Studies of the faculties, the Chair of the General Student’s Committee (AStA) and two representatives from the group of technical and administrative staff are also members of the Commission in an advisory capacity. The members of the Commission are elected by the Senate following proposal by the group representatives (Art 10 HHU Constitution (Grundordnung)).


Group of professors

Professor Dr Ulrich Decking, Professor Dr Laura Rose, Junior Professor Dr Jan-Markus Kötter, Professor Dr Dirk Looschelders


Professor Dr Andrea Germer, Professor Dr Christian Ganter, Professor Dr Rüdiger Hahn, Professor Dr Martina Krüger

Group of academic staff

Dr Stefan Beutner, Dr Susanne Wilhelm, Dr Tobias Winnerling, Dr Susanne Brandt


Dr Sabine Etges, Dr Ute Olliges-Wieczorek, Dr Kathrin Dreckmann, Dr Janna–Lina Kerth

Group of students

Lasse Zehler (JF), Patrick Tenner (WF), Serkan Özdemir (WF), Lilly Jeppel (MF), Sotiris Galanos (MNF), Kenza Lillou (PF), Leo ED Hagemann (PF), Elias Warnke (MNF)

Gustav Schauer (MNF), Niklas Kohnenmergen (NMF), Robin Solinus (MNF), Ellif Benli (PF), Ben Frühauf (PF), Daniel Knott (PF), Rebecca Hermanns (JF), Lucas Wißmann (JF)

Group of technical and administrative staff (advisory capacity)

Natalie Böddicker, Dr Susanne Leitner


Cordula Meier, Janine Janus


The Studies Commission meets four times a year, usually in April, June, October and December.

Applications for central Quality Improvement Funds must be submitted by 15 March for the first meeting, by 15 May for the second meeting, by 15 September for the third meeting and by 15 November for the fourth meeting. The submission deadline is also the cut-off date. If an application is received late, it will not be submitted to the Studies Commission until the next possible meeting.

Agenda items (e.g. the establishment of new study programmes) must be submitted together with all documents no later than three weeks before the next meeting of the Studies Commission.

The next Commission meetings are scheduled for 16 April and 10 July 2024.

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