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For HHU staff and students – with updates
Further coronavirus guidelines

The spread of the Covid-19 virus raises new questions concerning work and student life at Heinrich Heine University (HHU) every day. HHU and UKD managements are in constant exchange and the University’s management assesses the situation taking into account any new developments surrounding coronavirus. The following recommendations on this portal are updated on a regular basis.

Coronavirus: The University management constantly assesses the situation and currently advises against business trips to the affected areas. (Photo: HHU/Stirnberg)

If you have just returned from a trip to an affected area and seriously worry you might fall ill then please stay at home as a precautionary measure and contact your local Gesundheitsamt (health authorities). This measure serves to protect your own health and to avoid further infections – irrespective of any symptoms of illness you might show or not. You must, however, always contact your supervisor and arrange procedures. More information on telecommuting is available on the intranet.

Important telephone numbers
A new hotline has been set up by the City of Düsseldorf – for the city’s residents and for everyone who works there: +49211-8996090. The specially trained staff asks callers standardised questions developed by the Robert Koch Institute. If it becomes clear during the conversation that a caller must be tested for the virus, he or she is immediately referred to Düsseldorf’s central diagnostic facility (zentrale Diagnoseeinrichtung der Stadt Düsseldorf, Witzelstraße 54-56).

You can contact North Rhine-Westfalia’s Ministry of Health via this service number: +49211-8554774.
Business travel
HHU’s management strongly advises against any business travel – e.g. to attend conferences or to do research – to affected areas.

Currently, all examinations will be held as planned. However, up until a week prior to an examination students have the right to withdraw from it without giving reasons. Should a student have concrete cause for concern after this deadline, he or she should contact the appropriate examination office to find a feasible solution. In case of an acute illness on the day of the examination students must always provide a doctor’s certificate which confirms that they cannot sit the examination.

“At the moment, we expect lectures this summer semester to start as planned. But of course we will assess the situation on a daily basis and decide accordingly,” clarifies HHU President  Prof Dr Anja Steinbeck. In close coordination with the University Hospital, HHU follows the guidelines issued by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). For the latest information on risks and safety precautions please check the RKI website.

In case you have planned a conference or any other kind of science event at HHU or the Haus der Universität, please assess the current health risk on the basis of the information provided by the Robert Koch Institute (PDF download). In order to assess the situation, the number of participants, their countries of origin and the concrete situation at the venue should be taken into account.

For the time being, it is at the organisers’ discretion, and in their responsibility, to decide if a planned event should take place, if additional measures to contain risks should be implemented, or if an event must be cancelled. At present, the University management sees no reason for a general ban on all events.
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