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Central Equal Opportunities Officer


Remaining places in HHU company daycare center and large daycare center

There are still a few places available for 2-year-old children at the HHU company daycare center - interested parents are welcome to contact the Family Advice Office at or by calling 81-10822.
There are also still places available for children aged between 1 and 3 at the "Storchennest" daycare center run by Methix in Holthausen from 01.08.24. The FamilienBeratungsBüro will also be happy to clarify the general conditions here.


Fund for the individual funding of (young) female scientists:
Please note the new deadlines for the application and reimbursement

As part of the Female Professors ProgrammeIII at HHU, the Central Equal Opportunities Officer has set up further support measures in gender equality work with the Publication Fund, the Mobility Fund and the Training Fund. Please note the new deadlines for the application and reimbursement of the funds for 2024.


Parental leave: ruling on collectively agreed inflation compensation

An employee was successful in a dispute regarding the payment of a collectively agreed inflation adjustment during parental leave. The Essen Labor Court awarded her the full inflation compensation in the first instance decision (Ref. 3 Ca 2231/23 of 16.04.24).
You can find more information here. The court considers the fact that employees on parental leave were excluded from the inflation adjustment bonus to be a violation of the principle of equal treatment.

The judgment is not yet final and the appeal period is still running. It is to be expected that the employer's side will appeal.

A commentary on the ruling can be found here. The NRW tax authorities provide information on the inflation adjustment premium in a FAQ list on their website.

If you are affected and would like to submit an application to assert your claim as a precautionary measure, this should be done promptly due to the cut-off period stipulated in the TV-L. According to the LBV, the application can be submitted directly to the LBV and the department should be informed. You can find sample applications for asserting claims for employees in the TV-L area by searching for them online (e.g. using the above file number).

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