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DICE Research Seminar: “Information and Authority in Multi-Divisional Organizations“


Inga Deimen (University of Arizona)

will give a talk on               

Information and Authority in Multi-Divisional Organizations

Abstract: This paper studies the role of information on the allocation of decision-making authority within two-divisional organizations. The divisions have access to different pieces of information that they communicate through cheap talk. Information is of common or of private interest. I show that a more payoff-relevant division naturally receives more authority. Access to better common-interest information, however, counteracts asymmetries in payoff-relevance. Better common-interest information leads to more delegation to the division with that information. The same holds for private-interest information that is communicated separately. By contrast, private-interest information that is combined with common-interest information is less valuable and can imply less delegation to a better informed division.

You can find Inga’s website here: INGA DEIMEN - Home (weebly.com)

She will be available for individual meetings on the day of the seminar. Giulia and Yihan will coordinate the schedule. Please use the following Google sheet if you want to reserve a slot: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-a4aLpgf7Lknu25by0q-j3af2W1J-giuDA6l7252E44/edit#gid=0.


25.06.2024, 14:15 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr
Ort: room S3/4 in the Oeconomicum (building 24.31)
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