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DICE Research Seminar: “Social Environments - A Unifying Framework”


Christian Seel (Maastricht University)

will give a talk on               

“Social Environments - A Unifying Framework“ (joint with Thomas Demuynck, Jean-Jacques Herings and Riccardo Saulle)

Abstract: The presentation provides a summary of our recent work in the framework of social environments, which covers cooperative games, non-cooperative games, matching models, models of network formation, and exchange economies as special cases. The first part introduces the myopic stable set as a solution concept and illustrates it in a Bertrand duopoly. In the second part, we extend different notions of potential from potential games to present a unified approach for social environments. 

You can find Christian’s website here: Home (google.com).

He will be available for individual meetings on the day of the seminar. Giulia and Yihan will coordinate the schedule. Please write them an email () if you want to reserve a slot.


09.01.2024, 14:15 Uhr - 15:30 Uhr
Ort: Oeconomicum, room S3/4, building 24.31
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