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Who is your "HEINE-Mensch 2024"?

Who do you think is working hard for equality and equal opportunities at our university?

Who would you like to nominate and show your appreciation for this person's commitment?

Teams can also nominate a HEINE person*, not just individuals.

Representatives of all status groups can both nominate people and be nominated.


1) Please complete the profile sheet and return it to the Equal Opportunity Office by 30/11/2023.

2) The profile sheet will be reviewed by the Equal Opportunity Office for eligibility.

3) Your HEINE person will then be asked if they would like to accept the nomination and given the opportunity to personally introduce themselves in a short profile, tell about their commitment and give the public a little insight into the challenges of their everyday life.

4) For our commemorative publication, we require a profile photo of you, the nominating person, and the following signed declaration of consent: Information and consent "My HEINE person 2024".

5) The profiles of the nominating and nominated persons are finally revised by an editorial office.

6) All HEINE-Mensch 2024 will be photographed individually and published in a commemorative publication. Anonymous entries are not possible.

7) A profile photo is required of each nominating person, which is sent to the Equal Opportunities Office and which is also published in the commemorative publication.

Every two years since 2008, the Central Equal Opportunity Officer has honored female and, since 2018, male lecturers, researchers, students and university employees at HHU who have rendered outstanding services to equal opportunities for women and men within the university and beyond.

In the past period, a lot has happened in terms of equality, not least due to the dedicated efforts of those honored in the past years. However, much remains to be done, because true equality of opportunity has by no means been achieved yet, and much remains to be done in the coming years and decades. In all likelihood, it will not be possible to achieve the big goal at once. All the more important are the many small steps in the "right" direction - and the more people get involved and take such small steps, the sooner the target will become reality.

Therefore, in the coming year, I, Anja Vervoorts, HHU's Central Equal Opportunity Officer since 2016, would like to call on all HHU faculty, researchers, students and university employees to nominate your Heine Man - regardless of gender. The HEINE person works hard to promote equality and equal opportunity at our university.

My team from the Equal Opportunity Office and I would also like to take this as an opportunity to expand our award, which until now has referred to "My Heine Woman/My Heine Man," to now include "My HEINE Man." With reference to the legal recognition of more than two genders, we would like to include all people in the renaming.

We look forward to your suggestions!
Your Dr. Anja Vervoorts

The award ceremony for the HEINE People 2024 will take place:

Thursday, 05.09.2024
6-8 p.m.

The venue will be announced.
All HEINE People 2024 will receive a certificate, presented by the Central Equal Opportunities Officer, on the day of the award ceremony.

Please note our data protection information on the "Mein HEINE-Mensch 2024" project:
Information and Consent "Mein HEINE-Mensch 2024"

Agnes Schröder M.A.
Coordinator for equal opportunities
Equal Opportunity Office of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Building: 16.11, E. 00, R. 24
Phone: 0211 / 81-10462

*Persons who have already been nominated in the past cannot be nominated again.


You can request the printed commemorative publications (except for 2012) at . Please let us know how many printed copies you would like to receive.
The commemorative publications are only available in German.

"Mein HEINE-Mensch 2022"


"Mein HEINE-Mensch 2020"


"Meine HEINE-Frau / Mein HEINE-Mann 2018"


"Meine HEINE-Frau 2016"


"Meine HEINE-Frau 2014"


"Meine HEINE-Frau 2012"


"Meine HEINE-Frau 2010"


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