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 Don't know where, how and when? The idea of an abroad experience often fails due to five issues: money, worries, language proficiency, lack of time and laziness. Therefore we created the five myths about going abroad. In the end, all obstacles can be overcome. See for yourself.

Going abroad? No funds!

ERASMUS+, Auslands-BAföG or HHU-schloarships offer diligent, socially engaged and students with children the opportunity to study all over the world. There are numerous funding opportunities for your experience abroad. Don't let your bank balance stop you, inform yourself.

Going abroad? All by myself!

The first steps organising your stay abroad are intricate. Even at home you can find impressions of your favoured destination at student networks. Also there is support available at your destination. You are not alone get more information here.

Going abroad? Don`t know the language!

It's frustrating to be limited in communication when being in a foreign country. Therefore our language centre offers courses in more than 20 languages. You will find scholarships to pay for your language course abroad. You prefer to study in English? Check out northern and eastern universities, too.

Going abroad? Lack of time?

Don't worry about delaying your graduation. An experience abroad is more important than a quick graduation. Furthermore, you will get credits for the classes you took abroad at HHU. Your studies don't need to take longer. More information.

Going abroad? Later on!

Your time at university gives you the best opportunity for an experience abroad. There will never be so many possibilities to fund your stay abroad. And you have the chance to meet new and interesting people and learn more about foreign countries. Take the chance HHU offers you and get more information here.

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