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The next application period will likely start at the beginning of 2022.
The planning is, of course, subject to budgetary considerations and any new developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

In the context of the North Rhine-Westphalia government's research cooperation with Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan, the short-term bursary programmes are one of numerous initiatives designed to intensify bilateral relations. The bursary programmes aim to develop and promote bilateral exchanges and networks which provide a basis for stepping up cooperation in the spheres of science and research.

Successful applicants will be invited to work at one of the institutes of a university or university of applied sciences in North Rhine-Westphalia for a period of up to three months, enabling you to do research that is crucial to completing your bachelor's or master's degree (e.g. measurements, model calculations, studies on archive material or public opinion research). Travelling and overnight expenses and insurance cover will be defrayed under the bursary programme. In addition, funds for living and public transport expenses will be granted.

Since 2004, over 1000 students have applied for a bursary to do research at an institution of higher education in North Rhine-Westphalia. Of those, more than 300 have been invited to North Rhine-Westphalia. Over recent years, all universities, a number of universities of applied sciences and the Juelich-based research centre have been involved in the bursary programme, providing research opportunities for almost the complete range of academic study.


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