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Student Conference on Diversity and Inclusion in Space Sector

The Summer School at AGH UST Krakow in May will be accompanied by an additional event on 20 May 2022: the Student Conference on Diversity & Inclusion in the Space Sector. This one-day event will be organised by the Polish partners and will take place in presence in the form of a student challenge. The student conference offers students of all disciplines and study levels the chance to work in an interdisciplinary and intercultural team on tasks related to a mission on a distant celestial body. Developed by students of the AGH UST for students of the other partner universities, experts also participate in the event. During the challenge, the students will receive support from Dr. Agata Kołodziejczyk, founder and director of the Analog Astronaut Training Center, and Rafał Czarny, strategic game designer and head of the Inprogress Design Lab. There will also be a panel discussion with invited special guests from the space industry.

More info, the programme & the syllabus can be found here or on the global project page.

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