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Personal Profile

Thomas Smith
Institute for Algebra and Number Theory
Building: 25.22
Floor/Room: 03.54

Research Interests
I am a PhD student working towards obtaining my doctorate in Mathematics. My main focus surrounds geometric and asymptotic group theory; I am looking into the probabilistic degree at which certain equations are satisfied in finitely generated infinite groups, such as the probability of which two elements in a group commute. I am also interested in the structure of groups acting on trees, and have completed previous work in this area.

Research Career and International Experience
I graduated from The University of Lincoln in the UK with a Masters degree in Pure Mathematics and a Bachelors in Mathematics in September 2022. 
Whilst studying, I was selected for an undergraduate research opportunity in the framework of UROS to complete a research paper on a topic in Algebra - this was the first time such a grant had been awarded for a topic in pure mathematics. Here, I studied the Engel conditions in certain Branch groups.

Personal Interests
During my spare time, I like to frequent flea markets and second-hand shops to find one-of-a-kind items with my friends. I am also very fond of music, and I play both the bass and guitar - a hobby which began during lockdown and has stuck with me ever since.
I am also very dedicated to my work, and I enjoy attending research conferences all over the world to meet like-minded people and new friends!

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