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Studying at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

HHU Düsseldorf has been the university of the Capital of North Rhine-Westphalia since 1965. Today around 37,000 students, more than 4,000 are foreign students, 2,000 professors and academic staff members and over 900 non-academics in one modern campus.

It regards itself as a "citizens´ university" and an interdisciplinary-focussed, networked and comprehensive university.

A wide range of study programs and excellent research conditions attract international students and researchers for all around the world.

Our 5 Faculties

Did you know? HHU is nationally and internationally renowned for its out-standing research centers in the areas of life sciences, physics, chemistry, language and social sciences. The university has an established tradition of inventions, patent applications, and technology transfer. A considerable number of highly successful spin-off companies were created on the basis of HHU research. Longstanding collaborations with associated Research Institutes perfectly supplement the university’s research portfolio. The University Hospital and ­Faculty of Medicine enjoy a remark- able international reputation for the integration of clinical service and research.

The campus is not only a place to work, but also a place to live.

All in one campus, where everything is close by the city centre and easy to reach by public transport, car, (e)bike, (e)scooter or walking:

You  can also find a varied and exciting range of offers:

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