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DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of international students studying at German universities

In 2022, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will provide the Heinrich Heine University with funds to award the DAAD Prize for international students and will make the selection of the prize winner the responsibility of the university.

The prize is 1,000 euros and honors outstanding international students and doctoral candidates at HHU who stand out both for their special academic achievements and for their remarkable social or intercultural commitment.

The DAAD Prize honours these exceptional persons who dedicate themselves to their studies, most of which are not in their mother tongue, with full commitment and passion, and at the same time bring with them the enthusiasm, the will and the strength to engage in exchange between cultures and to make a contribution to society.

The award ceremony helps to put a face to the large number of international students at HHU and to link them with stories.


Students must have a foreign nationality and a higher education entrance qualification from abroad (Bildungsausländer*innen). It is also a requirement that they

  • are enrolled at HHU (no guest or exchange students),
  • are at least in their third semester (Bachelor's) or second semester (Master's), are young graduates* or doctoral candidates,
  • have good academic results and
  • are socially and/or interculturally engaged.

Important: The prize is not a research prize and is not intended to honour a doctoral thesis. It cannot be divided among several students.

*Young graduates are persons whose graduation (final examination) at the time of the award ceremony (presumably in October 2022) was generally no longer than three months ago.

The nomination for the DAAD Prize can only be submitted by HHU professors or lecturers. Interested students should therefore contact their faculty or the professors or lecturers at HHU who supervise or teach them.

Important: Self-nomination by a student is not possible.

Yes, there is no reason why the nominee should not be sponsored by an organisation, foundation or company.

The complete application documents should be sent in a PDF file to  and include:

  1. Nomination form, completed in full by the nominating professor or lecturer (including a report by the lecturer on the professional assessment of the nominated student's achievements and social or intercultural commitment).
  2. Curriculum vitae of the proposed student/doctoral candidate
  3. Academic record
  4. Certificate of enrolment
  5. Proof(s) of social or intercultural commitment

Applications must be submitted to International Office by 15 July 2022.

The selection of the winner is made by a selection committee of the HHU, taking into account the academic achievements and the social and/or intercultural commitment of the applicant.

The award ceremony will take place during the Welcome Evening for international students at HHU in October 2022. The specific day and location of the event, during which the award winner will be honored, is still open.

The laudatory speech (max. 15 minutes) for the prize winner will be given at the award ceremony by the professor or lecturer who nominated the person receiving the award.

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