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Information for mentees

You can participate in mentoring if you

  •     are an international student at HHU and are graduating from there
  •     have completed your studies at HHU in the past six months
  •     would like to prepare for professional life during your studies
  •     would like to exchange ideas with your mentor on a regular basis

As a mentee, you benefit from your mentor's professional and life experience. The basis of one-to-one mentoring is the relationship of trust and the personal relationship that develops between you over time.

This allows you to

  •     ask questions about your career start and professional life without hesitation
  •     develop your professional ideas and goals with its help
  •     get advice during the application phase
  •     gain an insight into the mentor's daily work routine
  •     establish professional contacts through him/her
  •     develop your soft skills



You can find an overview of our mentors here.

Have you found someone in our list who suits you? Then write us a short . We will forward your request to the mentor. As soon as we have received a positive response, we will send you the contact details. Everything else is up to you: Make an appointment with your potential/future mentor to get to know each other.

You did not find what you are looking for in our list? Contact us and we will try to find a suitable mentor for you.

The following applies to mentoring: We are happy to support you by finding a mentor for you. However, the design of the mentoring relationship is a matter between the two of you.

After we have sent you the contact details, get in touch with your mentor as soon as possible by e-mail or telephone. Arrange a first meeting in private. Be flexible in terms of time and location to accommodate your mentor.

The first meeting serves to get to know each other. You can also clarify

  •     what you expect from the mentoring and what your mentor expects from you
  •     what topics you would like to discuss
  •     how much time you and your mentor can invest in mentoring
  •     which channels (telephone, e-mail, etc.) you will use to communicate with each other
  •     how often you will see each other
  •     how long your appointments will last
  •     where you will meet

Our mentoring programme is a free offer for you. The mentors are not paid for their support and do not receive any expense allowance.

That is entirely up to you. To get to know each other well, a period of at least six months makes sense. After that, you can regularly consider whether you want to continue the mentoring. If you feel sufficiently prepared and strengthened, arrange a final meeting. This gives you a chance to give each other feedback and reflect on your mentoring relationship. Discuss whether you would like to remain in contact.

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