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This is how mentoring succeeds

The most important prerequisite is that the chemistry between you is right. If this is not the case, then contact us so that we can find another mentor for you.

You and your mentor get along well, but something is bothering you? Then discuss it with him or her! Don't write an email, rather seek a personal conversation.

Stay realistic in your expectations: Your mentor has life and professional experience, but may not have an answer to every question. He or she will be happy to support you. But you make the decisions and set the course for your professional future.
You may be able to make contacts through your mentor. However, you should not rely on him or her to find you a job. And last but not least: Your mentor's day also has only 24 hours. He or she may therefore not always have as much time as you would like due to professional and private appointments.

Time is our next keyword. Your mentor is volunteering his or her free time for you. Therefore, be respectful of his/her time as well.

Don't expect every email from you to be answered immediately. Instead, agree on a time frame of at least three days.

Use your meetings efficiently: Send an e-mail with your questions and concerns before your meeting. This will allow your mentor to prepare and know what is important to you.

Arrive on time for appointments.  If you are running late, check in with your mentor. Can't make the meeting at all? Cancel in good time and arrange a new appointment in good time.

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