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Beyond UNIVERSEH aims to strengthen the links between its research community and European society.

Are you fascinated by space and would like to become involved in real space research?

Beyond UNIVERSEH offers citizens many opportunities to learn more about cutting-edge space research. Participate in a Beyond UNIVERSEH citizen science project or visit one of our events and dive into different fields of space science, ranging from space engineering to sustainability and the humanities!

What is Citizen Science?

Citizen science refers to the participation of members of the public in scientific research. In other words, it describes a collaboration between citizens and scientists. Citizens involved in such a project are called “citizen scientists”.

Why Get Involved in Space Science?

Scientific research is often very complex. Citizen science offers you a great opportunity to learn more about current space research, learn new skills, and deepen your knowledge and understanding of space-related topics. It also benefits science, as new perspectives broaden the scientific discourse and despite technological advancement and artificial intelligence, many tasks cannot be done without human intelligence. Beyond UNIVERSEH values your perspectives and ideas and recognizes their potential in solving the issues of our time.

Become a space scientist and help us advance research!

Anyone interested in space science can join our citizen science projects. No prior knowledge is required.

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