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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

UNIVERSEH has a strong commitment to inclusive education as defined by our guidelines on equity, inclusion and diversity. Everybody should be able to access high-quality education, irrespective of his or her socio-economic background. We at UNIVERSEH work towards social diversity of the student body and promote equal access, participation and integration of under-represented and disadvantaged groups.

The Alliance has a particular focus on mobility, ensuring that all students have the possibility to study, train and learn abroad. To do so, collaboration with stakeholders, like our associated partner the Erasmus Student Network at local level, is a crucial prerequisite.

The European platform “Inclusive Mobility” highlights open-access information on inclusion and support services by different actors of the higher education actors whilst providing useful information on different mobility opportunities and relevant practical information.

Strengthening a sense of European identity whilst embracing Europe’s cultural richness and its diversity is our goal.

Past Event

Diversity Conference: Redefining Space(s)!

The UNIVERSEH Team at the Heinrich-Heine-University cordially invites you to apply for the Diversity Conference 2023, "Redefining Space(s)!"

Where and when? On campus in Düsseldorf  - 19th of June 2023.

Target group? Open to all study levels and disciplines. No prior knowledge required.

Get together with around 100 other Alliance students to learn about diversity, discrimination, unconscious bias, stereotyping and intersectionality from a skilled expert and write the script for a diverse future.

Application closed.

Diversity Day 2023

The UNIVERSEH team was present at the Diversity Day with a colorful booth together with many other HHU institutions such as the HHU Diversity Section, the International Office, SSC, AStA-HHU, BBST Beratungsstelle, ESN, among others.

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