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The course “Critical Outer Space Studies“ will explore the complex field of study that is the science and exploration of outer space through a variety of disciplinary lenses such as environmentalism, posthuman studies, mobility studies, astroethics, or postcolonial studies.

30 hours, 3 ETCSCo-modal teaching - October 10th — December 12th 2022

HHU Düsseldorf • Université Toulouse-Jean Jaurès

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Sharpen your entrepreneurial skills by joining the UNIVERSEH SpaceTech22 in Kiruna, Sweden

When? 10. - 14. October 2022
Where? Luleå University of Technology, Kiruna Space Campus, Sweden
Who? All HHU students, interested in entrepreneurship and space topics.

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Learn how to present your research to journalists

You will learn what expectations the media have of scientists in particular. You will learn to present your complex facts in a simple and pointed way. You will find the emotional story in your own research topic and can also communicate it in contact with journalists. On the basis of numerous practical exercises, you will train to present your topics in a way that is appropriate for the media and target groups - tailored to the expectations of newspapers, radio and TV.

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Don't know how to present your research on Social Media?

In this workshop "Media Training II" the focus is put on your own presentation of person and content with the help of social media and new media. This involves the creation of blog posts, podcasts, videos (etc.) with the aim of establishing new ways of reaching interested target groups and making one's own research results relevant.

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