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Language Café

 The UNIVERSEH Online Language Café offers an opportunity to practice French, Swedish, Polish, German or English with native speakers in a relaxed setting, no matter if you are a beginner or a more advanced learner.

All UNIVERSEH-students from our inter-university alliance who are interested in learning and practicing German, French, Polish, Swedish or English are welcome to join.

The registration takes place through our registration forms. Students enrolled at the HHU Düsseldorf can register via the online course catalogue HIS-LSF.

More information here

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Join the Language Café in 3 steps

Scan the QR-Code!

It will lead you to the registration form*

Click the Zoom-link

Once registered, you will get a link. Just click the link to participate next Wednesday.

*Attention: Students enrolled at the HHU need to register on HIS-LSF too.

What can you expect….

…..as a participant?

…..as a tutor?

What made you want to become a Language Café tutor?

When I first heard about the Language Cafés, I was very curious. The idea behind it appealed to me a lot because I like networking with others. I also wanted to contribute to motivating our participants to stay tuned and not to give up the language they are currently learning. And during the initial coaching with the coordinator, I felt right away that I was fitting well in the team.

What do you enjoy most about the cafés?

The exchange with our participants. Interesting conversations and funny moments always arise and the time always passes far too quickly at the end. Furthermore, I think it's great to see how the inhibitions, that might still be there at the beginning, slowly disappear.

How does a session run?

The tutors are entirely free to rule the sessions as they want. This creates an informal atmosphere. However, we always have a handout available that we can refer to if necessary. It contains exciting questions on the chosen topic, as well as quizzes and ice-breaker-games that are a lot of fun!

What do you find special about the UNIVERSEH Online Language Cafés?

That we don't have this, let´s say, "classic classroom situation", where we learn the language by going through grammar rules. At the LC, it's about giving our participants the opportunity to use the language directly. The most important thing when you learn a language is to speak it regularly. You should also get a feeling for the language and not be afraid to make mistakes. The worst thing that can happen is to lose the motivation to learn, and we want to prevent this with our cafés by offering a platform where the language can be spoken and learned with fun and without any pressure towards perfection.

UNIVERSEH Crew explains the Language Cafés

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