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Stays at partner universities

The International Office (IO) coordinates student exchanges for some partner universities (the institutes do so for the remaining partner universities). We call for applications for the places managed by the IO twice a year. The application deadlines are 15 January and 15 July each year.

When planning a stay abroad, please proceed as follows:

  • Use the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) checklist (German only) for your planning
  • Read the reports (German only) from fellow students and the FAQ on this page.
  • Speak to your subject representatives.
  • Attend the group consultation or the info seminars offered by the International Office.
  • Check the list to see whether a place is available at the university you wish to go to for the period of choice.
  • Apply via e-mail with all necessary documents (see Fact Sheet) as Pdf documents to . We will send out confirmations of receipt.

A selection committee will award places on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Completeness and on-time submission: All applicants who submit incomplete or late applications will be excluded from selection.
  2. Study performance: The second selection criterion is study performance, which is measured on the basis of percentiles. For example: The first percentile comprises all students who are among the top 10% in their subject.
  3. Language skills: If more applicants qualify on the basis of their study performance than there are places available, they will be ranked on the basis of language skills.
  4. Faculty affiliation: If the applicants are also equally qualified in terms of language skills, faculty affiliation will be applied as a selection criterion. The applicant whose faculty has not sent an applicant to the respective university for the longest time will receive the place.

You are also welcome to apply for a partial scholarship:


You can find fact sheets on the centrally managed partner universities in Japan and outside Japan, and links to the websites of the universities here. You should apply exclusively via the International Office:

You should apply exclusively via the institutes/faculties for the following partner universities:

You can obtain information on partnerships involving your subject or faculty within the framework of and outside Erasmus from the responsible Erasmus departmental coordinators.

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