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Information Security Officer / IT Security Officer

The Information Security Officer or IT Security Officer of HHU is appointed by the President and is responsible for the further development of IT security at HHU.

His tasks include:

  •     Statements and assessments on IT security issues at HHU,
  •     Updating HHU's IT security policy,
  •     Reporting in the Commission for Information Supply and Processing and New Media (KIM), and obtaining approval for IT security measures and recommendations,
  •     Collection of measures and recommendations on IT security issues and publication within HHU,
  •     Conducting awareness and training activities in the faculties and central institutions on the topic of IT security at HHU.

He is also available as a contact person for questions concerning information security at HHU.

Further information on the topics of information security and IT security can be found on the pages of HHU's ZIM under the following links.

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