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Bachelor of Science

Short description

Short description

The Bachelor of Science program in Psychology (6 semesters) at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf (HHU) is a program with local admission restrictions. Applications must be submitted online via the DoSV application portal.

The program—offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences—starts every winter semester.

Entry/Admission requirements

Basic knowledge and skills in mathematics and natural sciences are beneficial for studying psychology. English language skills are helpful as well because most of the scientific literature is in English.

Programme content

The Bachelor of Science program in Psychology takes 6 semesters. It includes the following modules: Research Methods, Biological Psychology, Differential and Personality Psychology, Psychological Assessment, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Industrial Psychology and Ergonomics, Abnormal Psychology, and Neuroscientific Psychology.

The Bachelor of Science program familiarises students with the literature and methods of the field, provides them with specialised knowledge and methodical expertise, and enables them to present and communicate scientific results. The degree qualifies for professional practice.

Programme structure

The Bachelor of Science program is divided into a first stage (orientation phase) consisting of the first two semesters and a second stage consisting of semesters 3 to 6. In the first stage, students acquire the basic knowledge that qualifies them for the second stage.

Basic knowledge is aquired in the modules Physiological Bases of Behavior, Cognitive Psychology (Perception, Learning, Attention, Memory, Thinking, Motivation, and Emotion), Biological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Differential and Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, and Quantitative Methods.

The second stage comprises laboratory courses in Experimental Research, courses in Psychological Assessment, as well as courses in the three focal areas of the Bachelor of Science program at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf:

Industrial Psychology and Ergonomics
Abnormal Psychology
Neuroscientific Psychology

An integral part of the Bachelor of Science program is a 10-weeks external internship. It is of course possible to do several internships and longer-lasting ones.

The last component of the Bachelor of Science program is an empirical Bachelor thesis.

Programme objectives/Career prospects

The obligatory combination of the three focal areas provides a broad education of exceptional quality. A special feature of the Bachelor of Science program in Düsseldorf is that it offers a two-semesters practical course in each of the three focal areas in which the acquired knowledge is deepened and extended in small groups in an application-oriented way. By focusing on these important fields of psychology and by providing a profound training in quantitative methods and psychological assessment, the program qualifies for careers in important fields of work for psychologists such as the healthcare system as well as organisations and businesses.

Programme start:
Winter semester
Programme duration:
6 semesters
Language of instruction:
Application procedure:
Local admission restrictions - DoSV
Closing date for applications:
by 15/07/2022
Closing date for enrolment:
As stated in letter of acceptance
Closing date for re-registration:
01/07/2022 - 15/08/2022
Relevant documents:

Examination regulations

Module guide

Available in German only.

Study programme contact:

Academic Advisor

PD Dr. Raoul Bell


Phone: +49 211 81-15643


Study programme/Department
SSC contact:

Student Services Center (SSC)
Building: 21.02 / SSC
Phone +49 211 81‐12345


For questions regarding the course of studies and for examination issues:

Student and Examination Administration
Contact Examination Administration

Student Services Center (SSC)

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