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State examination

Short description

Short description

The basis for the pharmacist's extensive activity profile is a very broad practical and in-depth theoretical education. An important goal is also to give the prospective pharmacists the ability to communicate with patients and all those involved in the health care system at all information levels.

Entry/Admission requirements

Application via "Stiftung Hochschulstart"

Programme content

The contents of pharmacy studies are regulated at the national level by the Licensing Regulations for Pharmacists. The university course is divided into a basic and a main course parts (1st and 2nd examination section), each comprising four semesters. In the lectures, seminars, exercises and practical courses of the undergraduate course, the scientific basics in the fields of pharmaceutical biology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical technology (pharmaceutical form theory) as well as anatomy, physiology, toxicology and microbiology are taught. This knowledge is deepened during the main study period and supplemented by special knowledge of the pharmaceutical sub-disciplines. In addition, there is in-depth knowledge in the fields of pharmacology and toxicology as well as clinical pharmacy. In the course of the following one-year practical training ("Practical year", 3rd examination section), of which at least one half takes place in a public pharmacy and the other half in one of the fields of activity mentioned at the beginning, these will be supplemented by occupation-related practical skills and knowledge. Success in studies is determined within the framework of the Pharmaceutical Examination (Staatsexamen), the three sections of which follow at the end of each section. Once the Pharmaceutical Examination has been passed, the applicant can apply to be licensed as a pharmacist.

Programme objectives/Career prospects

The aim of pharmacy studies is to enable graduates to work in a wide range of drug-related professions: in addition to the activity of pharmacist in drug stores (pharmacist in public pharmacies), this includes tasks in hospitals and army pharmacies, in pharmaceutical and pharma-related industries, in public health as well as scientific activities at universities, testing institutes and similar institutions.

Programme start:
Winter semester
Summer semester
Programme duration:
8 semesters
Language of instruction:
Application procedure:
Nationwide admission restrictions
Closing date for applications:
by 15/07/2023
Closing date for enrolment:
As stated in letter of acceptance
Closing date for re-registration:
15/01/2023 - 15/02/2023
Relevant documents:

Examination regulations

Available in German only.

Study programme contact:

apl. Prof. Dr. Claus M. Paßreiter

Phone.: +49 211 81-14172


Study programme/Department
SSC contact:

Student Services Center (SSC)
Building: 21.02 / SSC
Phone +49 211 81‐12345


For questions regarding the course of studies and for examination issues:

Student and Examination Administration
Contact Examination Administration

Student Services Center (SSC)

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