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Romance Studies: Cultural Contacts and Communication
Master of Arts

Short description

Short description

This Master's degree programme is designed to further develop previous knowledge in Romance linguistics and literary studies, adding a focus on cultural, media- and discourse related issues. Languages of instruction: German, French, Italian, Spanish. 

Entry/Admission requirements

Important! Please be aware that all our study programmes require good previous language skills in one Romance language (level B1 for the Bachelor degree's programme, Level C1 for the Master's degree programmes). In addition, we strongly recommend a near native speaker proficiency of German.

Programme content

The Master’s degree program Romance Studies: Cultural Contacts and Communication is designed to provide profound knowledge of media- and culture theory and to offer opportunities to develop practical skills in digital media. Part of the program consists of expanding proficiency in two foreign romance languages to level C2. The analysis of transcultural processes (e.g. in films) as well as highly topical discourse practices in (digital) media (which are continuously evolving, e.g. in the field of online communication) constitute the core aspects of the program. Within these focal subjects, the students identify and work on their own research topics, chosing a perspective from culture studies, literary studies or linguistics. Students are encouraged to find their own solutions and to develop a critical, courageous and creative use of theoretical models and methods.

Programme objectives/Career prospects

The degree programmes in Romance studies prepare for careers in the following areas:

  • Multilingual information-, knowledge- and cultural management
  • New Media (digital media technology, communication technology)
  • Journalism and publishing
  • European and international organizations, enterprises and educational institutions
  • Composing texts in foreign languages, international public relations agencies
  • Culturally specific education and training for enterprises, the „new language industries“ (e.g. web portals, development of digitial dictionaries and encyclopaedias, creation of educational software)
  • Foreign language teaching at schools or in adult education
  • Adademic research and teaching
Programme start:
Winter semester
Summer semester
Programme duration:
4 semesters
Language of instruction:
German (partially: French or Italian or Spanish)
Application procedure:
Admission-free with aptitude assessment in the application portal
Closing date for applications:
Summer: 02.11.-01.06. / Winter: 02.05.-15.12.
Closing date for enrolment:
16/07/2024 - 04/10/2024
Closing date for re-registration:
01/07/2024 - 15/08/2024
Relevant documents:

Examination regulations

Module guide

Documents available in German only.

Study programme contact:

Dr. Sieglinde Borvitz

PD Dr. Martina Nicklaus


Study programme/Department
SSC contact:

Student Services Center (SSC)
Building: 21.02 / SSC
Phone +49 211 81‐12345


For questions regarding the course of studies and for examination issues:

Student and Examination Administration
Contact Examination Administration

Student Services Center (SSC)

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