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Biochemistry International
Master of Science

Short description

Short description

The Master's programme in Biochemistry International at Heinrich Heine University builds on a previous successful bachelor's degree in biochemistry. The programme is research-oriented with a focus on the characterization and application of enzymes.

Entry/Admission requirements

Admission is unrestricted, but requires a "proof of special suitability". Compulsory is a degree of a 4-year Bachelor's programme with good grades and sufficient language skills in either German or English. Successful applicants will have a good comprehension of biochemistry as well as organic and physical chemistry. 

The programme may be started in April (summer term) or October (winter term). To apply use the application portal.

Programme content

The programme is research-oriented. The focus lies on the characterisation of enzymes as well as their application in biotechnology. Deploying modern molecular biological, biochemical and biophysical methods the structure and function of enzymes are elucidated and their use in enzyme technology is explored and improved.

Programme structure

The Master's program "Biochemistry" leads to the vocational qualification Master of Science (MSc) in 2 semesters. In the first semester electoral modules are chosen. The second semester is planned for the master's thesis.

More details and information can be found on the homepage of the programme.

Programme objectives/Career prospects

Graduates have the knowledge and ability to independently identify and solve complex problems at current interfaces of chemistry and biology. They are able to demonstrate their scientific qualifications in a doctorate and are suited for leading positions in medical-pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and the food industry, as well as at universities, research institutes or in public administration.

Programme start:
Winter semester
Summer semester
Programme duration:
2 semesters
Language of instruction:
German (partially: English)
Application procedure:
Admission-free with aptitude assessment in the application portal
Closing date for applications:
Summer: 02.11.-15.03. / Winter: 02.05.-15.09.
Closing date for enrolment:
16/07/2023 - 06/10/2023
Closing date for re-registration:
01/07/2023 - 15/08/2023
Relevant documents:

Examination regulations

Module guide

Available in German only.

Study programme contact:

Dr. Jan Stindt

Institut für Biochemie


Phone: +49 211 8112020



Study programme/Department
SSC contact:

Student Services Center (SSC)
Building: 21.02 / SSC
Phone +49 211 81‐12345


For questions regarding the course of studies and for examination issues:

Student and Examination Administration
Contact Examination Administration

Student Services Center (SSC)

Offers for prospective students

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