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Well-prepared for the Campus Fair

The following tips serve as a guide to help you prepare for your visit.

Before the event

  • Use the digital exhibitor directory in the “HHU Eventsapp to prepare for your visit – it contains everything you need to know about the exhibiting companies, speakers and programme.
  • Decide in advance which exhibiting companies you want to speak to. Use "Categories" to search in the mobile app.
  • Contact the HR managers, e.g. via the in-app chat function or e-mail and agree an appointment for an interview on the day of the event.
  • Find out about the company and prepare questions about what they offer. Plan what to say in the interview.
  • Formulate a brief curriculum vitae listing your key competencies and qualifications.
  • Use the “HHU Events” app to create a personal plan for the event with your own agenda and favourite contacts.

At the event

  • You can find more than 200 vacancies at the exhibiting companies on the digital jobwall in the Campus Fair app and on the central jobwall in the entrance foyer of building 23.01. If you have any questions, you can ask the companies directly at their booths.
  • Approach potential companies directly and proactively, and ask your prepared questions about the company and job offers/details.
  • Take the opportunity to have an application photo taken free of charge at the ALUMNI booth.
  • You can also get your applications documents checked by the Career Service.
  • Attend the presentations and learn more about the companies and opportunities.

After the event

  • Stay in touch! If your interview went well, get in touch with your contacts after the Campus Fair.
  • Are you unsure of the next steps? The Career Service would be pleased to help.
  • Apply the experience you have gained at the Campus Fair in future applications and interviews.
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