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Information for companies

The online career fair on 19 May 2021 will allow companies to present their job and career offers and to network with graduates from HHU, HSD and other local universities despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Take advantage of this opportunity to present your company and use the countless features of the career fair app:

  • Optimal targeting of graduates from the fields of law, humanities, engineering, mathematics, computer science, medicine, natural sciences, social sciences or economics
  • Introduction to your company in a clearly comprehensible exhibitor profile featuring the company logo and contact details
  • Presentation of information, along with job and career offers
  • Matchmaking (seeking/offering) function to facilitate the search for suitable candidates
  • Direct contact via chat and/or email
  • Involvement in the event programme through videos and/or live presentations during the event
  • Easy upload of documents and texts via a digital exhibitor portal

A total of 70 exhibitor spaces are available in the career fair app. Registration is possible up until 31 January 2021.

All information can be accessed in the HHU Events app from April until July 2021. Android and iOS versions of the app are available for download in the respective app store; there is also an online version. HHU’s Events and Marketing Services Unit is responsible for the content; technical provision is via an external service provider. Please note the data protection information in the app.

Interested in being an exhibitor?

We can gladly add you to our company mailing list. At the end of the year, we will automatically invite you to the next career fair!

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