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Internal scholarship applications

For all faculties

The Central University Funding unit is responsible for the administration of all scholarships across all faculties at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

The scholarship award application form for all faculties must be signed by the head of the research project for which the scholarship is to be awarded and then sent to Central University Funding by post, fax or e-mail. The scholarship student will usually receive their notification of admission within 10 working days.

A scholarship is understood as monetary payments to support students or doctoral researchers in defined projects for an unlimited period within the framework of their degree/doctoral studies. Scholarship awards are governed by the Heinrich Heine University Framework Regulations on Awarding Scholarships as amended. HHU counts as the provider of each scholarship, even where they are financed by third-party funding.

Doctoral researchers may not be awarded payments to support a third-party research project, but rather only to enable them to perform their own research. The preparation of a final report serves to verify compliance with the scholarship regulations and is not deemed a service in return.

The scholarship amount is determined by the corresponding scholarship programme and may not exceed an amount considered sufficient to cover living costs and meet educational needs. The scholarship may not be commensurate with the customary remuneration in the working environment of the scholarship holder.

Where the aforementioned conditions are observed, scholarships granted in this manner are tax-exempt pursuant to Art. 3 (44) German Income Tax Act (Einkommenssteuergesetz – EStG). Where the scholarship holder has other sources of income that exceed the corresponding tax-free amount in the meaning of income tax law, scholarships may also be subject to taxation. The individual scholarship holder is responsible for obtaining personal tax advice.

The right remains reserved to subsequently revoke a scholarship in whole or in part and assert a claim for reimbursement where it is established that approval was obtained by means of incorrect or incomplete information. This also applies if the actual circumstances change or an employment relationship is entered into at HHU or if the funding provider does not make the necessary funds available to the University or if the respective supervisor makes it known that the prerequisites for the corresponding scholarship are no longer met. The scholarship holder is obligated to report any changes with regard to the prerequisites for approval of the scholarship. You can find all further requirements in our Information Sheet on Awarding Scholarships.

Please use the Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and complete the application form and the accounting form required for the payout. Scholarships at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences must be approved by the Scholarship Commission before submission to Central University Funding. 

Framework Regulations on Awarding Scholarships (Scholarship Regulations)

Scholarships at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf are awarded in accordance with the Framework Regulations on Awarding Scholarships adopted by the HHU Senate on 10 July 2012, the corresponding amendments to the Framework Regulations and the Information Sheet on Awarding Scholarships.

The Scholarship Regulations contain everything you need to know about the following topics: scope, general laws, selection committees, calls for applications, announcement of selection decisions, cooperation obligations, confidentiality obligations, pausing of funding, revocation/reversal of decisions, premature termination of scholarships, reimbursement of funding payments, data protection, entry into force and publication.

You can download the amendments adopted by the Senate in July 2014 and September 2019 here. You can find all requirements in our Information Sheet on Awarding Scholarships and in the process description for other scholarship awards.

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