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Master's study programme

In principle, most of the Master’s study programmes that build on Bachelor’s degrees are “open”, i.e. without admission restrictions. The prerequisite for enrolling in or switching to a Master’s study programme at Heinrich Heine University is – as is the case at all universities – an aptitude test, in which your prior qualifications are reviewed.

The aptitude test involves providing proof that you have completed a suitable course of studies (usually a Bachelor’s degree) for your selected Master’s programme. This must be confirmed by the relevant HHU selection committee members.

The extent to which a specific final grade is required for admission to the Master’s study programme is specified in the “aptitude test regulations” of the respective programmes. You can find the application deadlines and exact procedure for your preferred subject under the subject-specific link to the aptitude test in the study programme database: Master’s study programmes at HHU.

If a subject-specific page has not yet been updated, it is important to note that aptitude tests for the summer semester 2022 must be completed via the new HHU application portal, where application-related documents are uploaded. Exceptions are advanced Master’s degree courses and the European Studies Master’s programme.

Are you already enrolled at HHU?

Complete the application process and submit a course change request (Fachwechselantrag) in the new application portal once you have received the result of your aptitude test. Depending on the subject, HHU applicants who already have a definitive final grade and wish to start an advanced degree in the same subject can submit a course change request directly. Please click on the subject-specific links in the study programme database: Master’s study programmes at HHU to check whether this procedure applies to you.

New at HHU?

Submit an online application to enrol for a Master’s study programme and send us the following documents:

  • The result of the aptitude test
  • An officially certified copy of your Bachelor’s degree
  • A certificate of de-registration from your previous university/college
  • A health insurance certificate for students 
  • Proof of payment of social security contributions (e.g. bank statement)

Are you a prospective student from abroad (non-EU)?

Submit an application to enrol and send us the following documents:

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