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Preparatory German courses

ATTENTION: The preparatory German course contingent for the summer semester 2024 is currently fully booked.

To apply for courses you must have a German language level of at least A2! 

Following your online application, please send the following documents immediately by e-mail (photo, scan, in one document) to refugees@hhu.de or hand them in at the SSC during office hours.

Important: Neither the University Entrance Qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung - HZB) nor passing the placement test guarantee you a place on the German course. We have a processing time of approx. 4 weeks. Please refrain from contacting us before that time by telephone. If you have not received a response within four weeks after your written application, you can send us a request by email to .

Please complete the online application below and send the following documents by e-mail immediately (PDF in one document) to . You will receive a confirmation of receipt of the documents sent by e-mail.

 Incomplete documents will not be accepted!

  •     Online application (here on the current webpage below)  (currently impossible)
  •     ID card (front and back)
  •     Certificate of A2 German language skills  or higher
  •     Resume/CV
  •     School leaving certificate (in original language and German translation)
  •     University degree certificate with overview of subjects and grades, if you have already studied (in original language and German translation)
  •     University entrance examination, if you have taken it (in original language and German translation)

The university entrance qualification will only be examined for participation in the German course. This does not constitute a preliminary decision as to whether this qualification is sufficient for the specialist course of study you / the applicant are aiming for, so if you are applying for a specialist course of study, your university entrance qualification will be checked again.

Important: Neither University Entrance Qualification (HZB) nor the successful placement test guarantee you a place in the German course. You will find out whether you have a place a few weeks before the course starts by being invited to a placement test.

Telephone service hours for consultation on the application process (information for German courses for refugees) exclusively under this service number:
(+49) 211 81-15455
Monday 12:00 - 13:00 (German/Arabic)
Tuesday 12:00 - 13:00 (Ukrainian/Russian)
Thursday 13:00 - 14:00 (German/Arabic/Russian)


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