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Scholarships for refugees

To enable students with a refugee background to study successfully.


Students with foreign citizenship and a refugee background, as well as the following criteria:

  • You have no other means of securing your livelihood.
  • You meet the requirements to successfully complete a degree programme.
  • You are enrolled for a regular course of study at Heinrich Heine University.
  • You have proof of being a refugee.
  • You have acquired your university entrance qualification certification abroad.
  • You cannot finance your studies in any other way which you confirm in writing. You also declare that you are applying for or have applied for possible benefits (BAföG) and that you will report the results of the application immediately.
  • The submission of a letter of motivation in which you explain your interest in studying based on your previous educational background and your need for support.
  • The willingness to take part in surveys or studies as part of the support, as well as to make the necessary own data available to the university as part of the support.
  • The expectation of a successful course of study based on the previous educational pathway.
  • If you are applying for a follow-up scholarship or if you have submitted an initial application from the 4th semester onwards, you will need a positive opinion from a professor confirming your personal and professional suitability.
  • If you are applying for a follow-up scholarship or have submitted an initial application from the 4th semester onwards, you will need proof of your academic results of this past period.
  • A written statement is required stating that you are willing to regularly take advantage of counselling services.
  • Following on from this, it is assumed that counselling services have been used and that there is also a willingness to continue to use the counselling services, as well as a willingness to volunteer yourself in the programme.

The full scholarships are offered to the maximum amount of 934 euros per month. If BAföG is received (maximum 330 euros), a supplementary partial scholarship can be awarded if the student's academic performance is above average.

The maximum duration of the scholarship is 12 months.

The complete application documents should be handed in personally at the Student Service Office to Janine Janus or Stefan Hohn (appointment by arrangement):

  • Application "Scholarship for Students with a Refugee Background" (template)
  • Certificate of enrolment from HHU (at least 2nd semester)
  • ID card (front and back)
  • If available: Notification(s) of state benefits (e.g. BAföG) and/or scholarships from public funds.

Current overview of grades with grade point averages for medical student:

  • Transcript of records 1 and transcript of records 2 with overall grade point average of the first intermediate medical examination (903)
  • Recommendation from a university teacher at HHU (template)
  • Letter of motivation in German or English (for English-language degree programmes) (max. 2 pages A4): How I will shape my studies and achieve my degree. (template)
  • - If available: Proof of voluntary social/societal/intercultural commitment.

An application can be submitted at any time.


A selection committee of the HHU.

  1. Grade point average
  2. Recommendation by a university teacher
  3. Conclusiveness of the letter of motivation
  4. Proof of voluntary commitment

Travel allowance during the German courses

All participants from B1 level of our German courses can apply for a travel cost scholarship from January 2023.

To do so, please send us the following documents by email to :

  •     Letter of motivation
  •     Proof of successful completion of an A2 German course.
  •     Proof that the Jobcenter will not cover your travel costs.

The selection of the scholarship holders will be based on these documents and on the attendance lists of the previous months. Only those who have regularly attended the language course can qualify for a scholarship. Multiple unexcused absences in the sense of our exclusion criteria (see email from 05.12.2022) therefore mean that the travel cost scholarship will be revoked!

Application deadline for all participants of our German courses is 08.01.2023. If you get an appointment at the Jobcenter later, please inform us as soon as possible.

The decision about the award will be made on 11.01.2023.



Stefan Hohn| Student Services (Building 21.02)
Phone: +49 (0)211 81 10163 | E-mail:

The scholarship award is funded by NRWege.



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