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Psychological study guidance – be a successful student

Please note:

There will be no consultation hours on 24.08.2023.


Psychological counselling for HHU students takes place as in-person counselling within the framework of the SSC‘s hygiene regulations. This also means that you must wear a facial covering when entering the SSC building 21.02 and leave your contact details with us (in case of an infection). However, we are still here for you by phone, too!

  • Consultation hours (without appointment):

    a) Tuesday (in presence):  from 10:00  to 12:00  you can come to the SSC for in-person counselling
    b)  Thursdays (only via telephone call): from 10:00  to 12:00  you can call +49 211-8 11 22 23
  • Appointments:
    If you need an appointment outside consultation hours, please write us an .
  • Groups and workshops in the summer/winter semester are listed on the website www.hhu.de/gruppen.
  • The virtual counseling center (VBC) with interesting offers and tips is on: www.hhu.de/vbc


Psychological counselling

for HHU students offers support with personal or mental problems during the course of your studies. This is possible in individual conversation sessions or groups, workshops and lectures about stress reduction and problem solving. Confidentiality is an important requirement for both the individual sessions and the small groups. This is why discretion is an obligation for therapists and participants.

Typical burdens you might face:

  • The next exam seems impossible to pass.
  • It is difficult to concentrate on the learning material.
  • Studying is no fun, only pressure.
  • Anxiety before exams and presentations dictate my life.
  • It is hard to meet nice people.
  • There a difficulties in my relationship.
  •  …

…give you the possibility to talk about problems in a protected environment. Talking to a neutral partner can help you to see difficulties in a different light and find solutions.

… you will meet students with similar issues, which can take off the burden. The exchange with others can broaden your perspective. These groups offer a safe room for discussing conflicts and developing new strategies to solve problems. Participants can (re-)discover their personal potential, including skills and boundaries, and implement change processes.

Find group offers here.


… about therapists and mental illnesses can be found here.

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