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Starting to study

Starting a study programme brings also many changes and questions.This website contains all important information to help you start studying. The team of the Student Advisory Service welcomes you.

This checklist offers preliminary guidance and handy hints for the first steps you’ll need to take, along with links to further information.  Alternatively, you can take a look at this checklist video [DE].

See below for the times for the preparatory courses being offered in the winter semester 2022/23.

Preparatory courses in chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics (HHU):

Precourse mathematics for medical students (HHU):

Intensive French language preparatory course (at A2/B1 level) (HHU):

Intensive Italian language course for university preparation (A2/B1 level) (HHU):

Intensive Spanish language preparatory course (A2/B1 level) (HHU):

Online preparatory course in mathematics OMB+ (HHU):

Other free preparatory courses from other providers / universities

Online preparatory course "Grundlagen der Naturwissenschaften" (Ruhr Uni Bochum):

Online preparatory course in informatics (virtuelle Hochschule Bayern/Uni Würzburg):

Online preparatory courses in mathematics on the ORCA.nrw digital learning portal:

Online preparatory course "Latein für Geisteswissenschaften" (Ruhr Uni Bochum):


English placement test (Oxford Online Placement Test, OOPT); register in advance:

French placement test; register in advance:

Italian placement test; register in advance:

Spanish placement test; register in advance:

Japanese placement test for students with prior knowledge; register in advance:

  • 20.09.2022, 10:00 -12:00
  • Participation is only possible after registering in advance with Ms Fujita
  • More information [DE]

Linguistics (integrative):

  •    See respective language
  •    Important information on compulsory language assessments can be found here.

Media and Cultural Studies:

  •     See respective language
  •     Important information on language assessments, which are compulsory for participation in language courses with prior knowledge, can be found here [DE].

Transcultural Humanities:

  • See the details for your chosen language
  • Want to take English language courses as your elective in your first year? Then see here for more information. [DE].If your enrolment is not complete please click here [DE].
  • If you would like to take language courses in Romance Studies  in your elective area in your first year, you can find more information on the placement test here [DE]. If your enrolment nist not complete please click here[DE].


    For the date of the music theory entrance test, please contact:

First semester consultation

Particularly at the start of your studies, you’re bound to have countless questions. You’ll find answers here, or in the information for first-year students for your chosen subject (factsheet) where you’ll also find the contact details for the responsible academic advising service. In addition, we can answer your individual questions during the office hours specifically for first-year students.

Academic advising for students (overview)

Do you have questions about your studies? See here for an overview of the advising services offered by the Student Services Centre and other offices at HHU.

Welcome to the HHU campus!
Student life involves far more that “just” attending lectures.
Familiarise yourself with your university and take advantage of the wide range of opportunities – you’ll undoubtedly find offers that pique your interest!

See below for just a small selection:

Preliminary guidance:

Support and advice:

Social media:

  • The Students Services Department on social media:  Instagram and Twitter (all channels in German lanugage [DE])


Studying online

Good preparation is key!

HHU intends to offer as many in-person courses as possible in the winter semester 2022/23. However, due to the current incidence rate and the continuously changing regulations, unfortunately it is difficult to predict at the moment whether this will actually be possible.
Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of links for you to various tips and techniques for studying online.

The university IT Services - First steps for new students

Studying at home [DE]: Managing your time, organising your studies, staying motivated, remaining balanced

Technology for studying at home: How-to guide – tips and tricks for digital learning

Tips for Webex [DE]: Various video tutorials

HHU’s university and state library – also known as the ULB or BIB [DE]: Digital and on-site services

Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIM) [DE]:  Help with online accounts, software, the study portal, course catalogue and much more

Welcome to Düsseldorf!

Explore your (new) place of residence – there’s so much to do and even more to see and experience!

  • Registering, re-registering, dealing with authorities – online and offline at the local citizens' bureau [DE]
  • The Municipal Immigration Office [DE] handles bureaucratic matters” for our international students
  • More than just a roof over your headStudierendenwerk halls of residence [DE]
  • Mobility – thanks to the NRW Semester Ticket [DE], your options for getting around are (almost) unlimited for you as a HHU student
  • Check the Stellenwerk job portal for the details of the latest job openings and internship offers
  • Want to experience some culture? [DE] You’re definitely in the right place to do just that in the cultural city [DE] of Düsseldorf. What’s more, you can take advantage of countless student discounts!
  • Want to explore Düsseldorf’s leisure scene? HHU’s web page on living in Düsseldorf provides a good overview.
  • Düsseldorf's event calendar [DE] includes sport, music, flea markets and countless other events.
  • Barrier-free access to Düsseldorf: See here for tips and suggestions to ensure you can access our city during your time here. Wheelmap.org [DE] offers a map specifically to search for and find wheelchair accessible locations.

The brochure on advising services [DE] provides an overview of all services available at HHU, the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf and Düsseldorf University Hospital.

For a smooth start at HHU!

The International Office's Welcome Programme aims to help international students settle in and to find their way around, for example by providing helpful information on starting their studies.

The International Office offers a Welcome Evening for international students. More information


Welcome to the HHU!

See below for further information and helpful links for students with a disability or chronic illness.

Studienberatung / Coaching
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