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Information for new students

Every beginning is easy...in Düsseldorf

An Orientation Tutorial at Heinrich Heine University is a seminar offered throughout the term or in the form of a block for new students. It is not led by a “lecturer” but instead by student tutors from the relevant subject.

Being led by your “peers” makes it easier for you as a “newcomer” to settle in socially at the University as a place of learning and diminishes any inhibitions you might have about asking questions.

Apart from social orientation, Orientation Tutors introduce new students to the geographical features of the University and their department and explain what is required in terms of organizational issues. They help new students to understand the Study and Examination Rules and to plan their curricula, as well as giving an overview of the subject in question and an introduction to its specific work methods.

The tutors are your contact persons during the first term for all questions and problems and also coordinate for you as a new student more extensive counselling services at the University.

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