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What chat options are there?

Rocketchat is an online chat environment hosted by HHU, available at: rocketchat.hhu.de

In some courses, Rocketchat may be used for thematic exchange, group discussions or for advice.

You can also use Rocketchat for exchanging ideas with fellow students.

All HHU students have an account here, to which they can log in with their university ID and password.

Group chats take place in so-called channels ("#channel name"), but you can also exchange direct messages. The menu bar on the top left includes a directory of channels and users and a search function.

You can also create your own channels there. If you select a channel in the list on the left, menu items appear in the top right to manage members, writing permissions, files, and much more.

Tip: In order to have the overview in chat rooms with many users, you should "reply with thread" to messages if possible (speech bubble symbol that appears at the top right of the edge of a message, over which you move the cursor). This creates structured and comprehensible thematic blocks.

Here you will find instructions on the functions of Rocketchat.

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