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What do I have to consider when participating in a live video event?

Before the conference begins, make sure that your microphone and camera are working and, if possible, that you will not be disturbed during the conference.

Check the camera position and what it captures and, if necessary, change the angle or put aside things that should not be seen by all video conference participants.

If you have a headset, please use it. The sound quality is better and noise and feedback are avoided. Check the microphone volume setting in your system if necessary.

You will usually receive a link. If you followed the link, you will receive further instructions on how to proceed. As a rule, you do not have to install anything, even if you get such an option. You can join using a browser. However, functionality may be limited.

Access the conference early in order to be able to solve any technical problems that may arise before the conference begins.

Sometimes it helps to use a different browser. Alternatively, you can download a free app or desktop installation. If the camera or sound do not work properly despite checking, a restart can also help. It's best to set your microphone to “mute” when you don't want to say anything so that there is as little background noise as possible.


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