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What do I have to consider with emails?

Email communication with teachers works exclusively via your university e-mail address. Therefore, make sure that the email is set up correctly so that you don't miss any important information.

The safest option is to use the Roundcube webmail service. There you log in with your university ID and your password. You can also set up forwarding. In this case, you should regularly check with Roundcube for example, whether your mailbox is full - this is something you will not see when permanent forwarding has been set up and this could generate error messages. Also, pay attention to the account from which you send replies or emails to teachers.

Always keep in mind that your teachers receive many emails every day and often teach more than one course. Write your text as brief and specific as possible: Which course is it about? What is your concern? Who are you? (Matriculation number, name, study program etc.) The fewer questions the teacher needs to ask, the faster he or she can you. Don't forget to be polite - an email requires a different language style than a WhatsApp message. Give your teachers time to answer and don't follow up immediately if you haven't heard anything after a day. If you seem to have used all the other options mentioned here, be sure to get the required information from the teachers (see also "How do I clarify questions about a course?").

Your teachers send you a lot of information by email these days. There are also settings in forums and chats that automatically notify you by email. Generally that is a good thing, but you can quickly lose track of things in your own mailbox. To bring some order to the chaos, you can create filters for incoming emails.

For personal time management, it can be helpful to reserve two times a day for reading and, if necessary, answering emails. If you follow up on every email directly upon receiving it, this often costs more time and if you do not answer the email directly or process it further, it will take time again later or, in the worst case, get lost.

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