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Semester on leave

Subject to provision of appropriate proof, a leave of absence may be granted for compelling grounds. These include in particular:

  • Completion of voluntary service (federal volunteer service/voluntary year in the environmental sector/voluntary social year) (confirmation of service)
  • Ill health, usually for a maximum of two semesters
  • Completion of an internship which represents a key contribution to study programme success or serves a subsequent doctoral programme, for a maximum of two semesters (internship agreement and statement from the department)
  • Childcare up to the end of the third year of the child’s life (copy of the child’s birth certificate and current proof of residence)
  • Care and support for relatives
  • Pregnancy (copy of your pregnancy record booklet) Maternity protection at university – information for students, German Maternity Protection Act (website in German)
  • Studies abroad, usually for a maximum of two semesters (certificate from the university abroad)

The leave of absence usually applies for the duration of one semester. A leave of absence is not permitted for the first subject-related semester with the exception of Master’s or doctoral study programmes.

You can apply for a leave of absence in the E-Student-Services portal via the corresponding online form under "Applications".

In the case of studies abroad and ill health, the semester fee will be reduced to 195,05 euros for the summer semester 2024.


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