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Media and Cultural Studies Master of Arts



The MA programme is based on a qualified first-level degree (B.A.) in Media and Cultural Studies or in an affine field. It is designed for research oriented students.

The programme consists of 4 semesters. It has unrestricted admission provided that there is evidence of special aptitude.

Applications are requested to be submitted online:

Online application for aptitude test

The programme starts only in winter semesters

Submission deadline for the online application is August, 26th


The MA programme is based on a qualified first-level degree (B.A.) in Media and Cultural Studies or in an affine field with a final grade of at least 2,6. Required are 90 subject-specific CP. They should have been earned in the following areas: Sie sollten folgenden Bereichen entstammen:

1. Theory and history of media
2. Theory and history of culture
3. Aesthetic theory or theory and history of perception.

Further information can be found here:


The MA programme is research oriented and provides students with an extensive knowledge and analytical skills in the field of media and cultural analysis. The programme emphasizes a thorough understanding of the significant impact that media have on the construction and character of subjectivity and culture. Thus, students will gain theoretical and practical competence with regard to knowledge based on media and intercultural processes. In addition to the exploration of inter- and transcultural processes, the programme also entails a special emphasis on the comparative analysis of media culture.


The introductory module consists of the basic research modules “Perception“, “Representation“ and “Production“. In the second and third semester the students have to complete the module “Comparative Media and Cultural Studies” and “Audiovisual Culture”. Based on one of these modules, a cooperative project has to be realised and presented. The Master thesis should be written in the fourth semester and is accompanied by a Master Seminar.

The different modules are planned and realised in interdisciplinary cooperation with other institutes and programmes of the Heinrich-Heine-University. Neuroscience, Clinical Psychoanalysis and Philosophy cooperate in the modules “Perception”, “Representation” and “Production”, Romance Studies, “Audiovisual Culture” is realized in cooperation with German Studies and History.


all fields of cultural management
cultural and scholarly journalism in print, radio, tv, digital media
copy editing for publishing houses, audiovisual publication
conception of exhibition, curating
film archives, film festivals
art marketing
public relations
conception and organization of events


Winter semester
4 semesters
Aptitude assessment
by August,26th
15/01/2021 - 15/02/2021
Relevante Dokumente:

Examination regulations

Module guide

Both available in German only.

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