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Psychological study guidance – be a successful student

Please note:

Psychological counselling for HHU students takes place as in-person counselling within the framework of the SSC‘s hygiene regulations. This also means that you must wear a facial covering when entering the SSC building 21.02 and leave your contact details with us (in case of an infection). However, we are still here for you by phone, too!

  • Psychological consultation hours:
    Tuesdays 10 am – 12 noon, in-person counselling
    You can call the telephone number +49 211-8 11 22 23 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am – 12 noon – in-person counselling naturally has priority on Tuesdays.
  • Appointments: If you would like to schedule a counselling appointment (in person or by phone) outside of the consultation hours, please send us an or call the telephone number +49 211-8 11 22 23 during the consultation hours to make an appointment. 
  • Groups and workshops in winter semester 2020/2021 can be found at www.hhu.de/gruppen.
  • Virtual counselling centre (VBC) with a lot of interesting offers and tips:



Psychological counselling

supports HHU’s students if they have personal and psychological problems during their studies. This takes place in individual discussions as well as in groups, workshops and speeches on how to reduce stress and master problems studying. Confidentiality is a key prerequisite for individual counselling and small psychological groups. Psychotherapists and all group participants are therefore obligated to maintain professional confidentiality.

What can negatively impact your studies:

  • The next exam seems like an insurmountable hurdle.
  • It is hard to concentrate on the subject matter.
  • When studying does not feel like fun, but like non-stop stress.
  • Worries about tests and presentations define life.
  • It is hard to get to know nice people.
  • There are problems with the girlfriend/boyfriend.
  •  …

…you have the possibility to talk about problems that are weighing you down in a confidential setting. Mirrored by the neutral dialogue partner, problems can be seen in a different light, understood in new ways and processed in a target-oriented manner.


… you will meet students with similar problems. This often improves the situation and exchange among each other makes it possible to broaden perspectives. These groups provide a protected space for conflicts and the development of new problem-solving strategies. Participants can (re-)discover their personal potentials with capabilities and limitations, in this way initiating process-based changes.
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… Offers and information on seeking psychotherapy and on psychological illnesses are provided here.


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