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Networking meeting of Haubrich Foundation scholarship holders


[Translate to English:] Stifter-/Stipendiaten-Treffen der Haubrich Stiftung

Exchanging ideas, networking and opening up new perspectives - on Thursday, Hartmut Haubrich invited 14 young students and musicians to the ElectronicPartner headquarters in Düsseldorf. The young professionals from various Haubrich Foundation support programs met in an informal setting to communicate and discuss together.

The Haubrich family is known for its commitment and dedication: For years, the Haubrich Foundation has supported social projects, creating the opportunity - regardless of origin and financial background - to make education, culture, science and sports accessible to everyone. Twelve students from the Heinrich Heine University and the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences as well as two musicians from the Orchestra Academy of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra gave insights into their scientific and musical student life and reported on current topics and projects in an interdisciplinary manner. In a convivial atmosphere, contacts were made and interdisciplinary knowledge was exchanged over canapés and snacks.

After a few introductory words from the host, the speakers and fellows began their presentations. The topics were wide-ranging: from law and psychology to physics, media informatics and chemistry. A budding symphonic musician also took the floor and shared her experiences to date with the plenary. Hartmut Haubrich again had the closing words. He thanked all participants for the exciting insights and their suggestions.

For Hartmut Haubrich, supporting young and motivated people is a basic prerequisite for successful cooperation, because education is the most important investment in our future.

Text: Haubrich Foundation

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