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Donor/scholarship holder get-together at the Dr Jost Henkel Foundation

The Dr Jost Henkel Foundation brings supported students and supporters together

Fascinating insights at the Henkel site on 23 September 2022: The Dr Jost Henkel Foundation invited its scholarship holders to a large-scale get-together. The event offered numerous students the opportunity to experience the successful work of the Foundation and the dedicated supporters behind it at first hand, as well as gain deeper insights into Henkel AG, and included a welcoming address by Henkel Management Board member Sylvie Nicol and a speech by Dr Christoph Henkel, nephew of the founder of the Foundation.

Some of the supported HHU students were also able to gain a unique perspective on the Dr Jost Henkel Foundation and the long-established Henkel group: Sales, marketing, production, management – Henkel presented these and other areas of the company and demonstrated the remarkable corporate culture, which takes account of diversity aspects, that exists at the Düsseldorf-based global group.

Many of the scholarship holders found the “showrooms” of the company particularly impressive: Together with university representatives, they visited the futuristic Laundry & Home Care “Global Experience Center”, the detergent production area and the “Henkel History Showroom”. In small groups, they had the opportunity to get to know the various Henkel segments and experience at first hand what they stand for and what sets them apart.

The get-together was organised by the Dr Jost Henkel Foundation and in particular thanks to its Managing Director, Karol-Monique Westhoff. The invitation management team was supported by the HHU Events, Marketing and Fundraising Unit.

 (Photos: Dr Jost Henkel Foundation, text: Achim Zolke)

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