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Personal Profile HHU Ambassadors

Dr. Ajaegbu Eze Elijah
Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy, Enugu
Department of Applied Sciences,
Faculty of Pure and Applied Sciences



Stay at HHU:
Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology and Biotechnology
Prof. Peter Proksch
08/2017 - 10/2017

Research Interests:
Isolation, structure elucidation and synthesis of bioactive secondary metabolites from endophytic fungi of
medicinal plants origin
Optimization of bioactive (immuno-modulatory, anti-inflammatory and anticancer) lead compounds from
medicinal plants
Studies on the mechanisms of action of bioactive constituents from medicinal plants and endophytic fungi
vis á vis immuno-modulatory, anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities.

Research Experiences:
Isolation, Identification and Structure Elucidation of Bioactive Compounds, In silico determination of the
binding affinities of ethnomedicinal antiviral compounds against viral proteins, development of assay protocols
or methods using Ultra-violet spectrophotometer, HPLC for the analysis of drug samples, Larvicidal,
adulticidal and repellent activity of insects against some Medicinal Plants, Complexation and Formulation of
nano drugs.