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Join your next professional development and continuing education at the university.

Working environments are changing.  

But you want to keep your finger on the pulse of your field? Do you want to expand your knowledge to get through your daily work routine worry-free?

Universities are opening up.

We offer you professional development at an academic level. Led by experts from the university and oriented to current research. 

Find the right continuing education course for you! 

We also accept requests for exclusive training for companies.

Medicine, Psychology & Public Health

Formats of Further Education

In master's degree programs, participants acquire in-depth scientific qualifications that open up new career opportunities. There are program-specific admission requirements.

The courses consist of several modules and take place part-time over a period of usually one to two years. The phases of classroom teaching, eLearning and project work comprise study achievements with a workload of 1500-1800 hours (incl. self-study).


Certificates are proof of specific in-depth knowledge on a topic.

They consist of attending several continuing education courses on a superordinate topic and usually last several weeks to months. In addition to face-to-face classes, online seminars and self-study, students may also complete a project or learning portfolio.

Certificates comprise study achievements with a workload of 150-900 hours (incl. self-study).

Continuing education courses offer specialized knowledge for selected professional groups or general content for an audience interested in scientific topics.

There are continuing education courses with or without an examination. Completion of an examination grants ECTS. Participants receive a certificate of attendance. 

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