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In an emergency

Important emergency and service numbers

Fire/accident/emergency doctor:
Always call 81-13333 or 0211 81-13333

To ensure optimal localisation on campus: the in-house telephone number 112 connects you to the 24-hour control room at the Hazardous Incidents Office (81-13333).

Please note: The university campus is extensive so please always follow the HHU emergency management policy:

You should report all emergencies to the HHU Hazardous Incidents Office on 81-13333 to enable direct initiation of the HHU in-house emergency management system. This includes, for example, ensuring that caretakers are on hand to meet ambulances and police cars on Universitätsstraße and direct them to the incident site quickly. This is not always possible when the police or fire brigade are informed directly.

In case of an emergency, the following therefore applies:
Alert the HHU Hazardous Incidents Office. You can reach them by calling the in-house telephone number 112 or 0211 81-13333 on your mobile phone.

Emergency clinics in the event of an occupational accident

Surgical Clinic: 81-17376
Ophthalmologic Clinic: 81-17329
Centre for Operative Medicine II – emergency clinic MA 01: 81-07386
Contact the security guard (main gate) on 81-17218 for on-call services.

Occupational and Environmental Safety Unit

81-15222 / mobile: 0162-257 9 001

To report accidents: 81-14829

Service numbers

Service Point/Lost and Found Office

81-11666 (Bldg.

HHU central telephone number


Centre for Information and Media Technology (ZIM)

Helpdesk: 81-10111

Central post room (Bldg. 23.02.U1.63)


University Medical Service

Registration: 81-17104/81-17241

University Hospital

University Hospital administration (fax): 81-16266
Personnel department hotline: 81-19435/81-04111
PC Service hotline: 81-19061/81-04000
Operating Supervisor and Special Supervisor: 81-17213
Facility Management: 81-17139
Security guard, Hospital North gate (vehicle entrance): 81-19021/81-04042
Security guard, main entrance: 81-17221
Security guard, South gate: 81-18398

Troubleshooting Services

Work Order Centre (technical defects): 81-14444
Hospital Technical Service: 81-19911/81-19912
Medical Technical Service from 7 a.m. until 3.30 p.m.: 81-18088
Canteen Technical Service: 81-13346

Security Services

University security services: 81-11666
Hospital security services: 81-17300
Hospital security services via paging system: 715-0300

Housekeeping Services

Security, burglary and theft

, Tel. 81-11666


Area: 23, 16.11, 23.01, 24.31, 24.81, 24.91
Caretaker’s office (Bldg. 23.02.U1.64): 81-12118

Area: 25, 24.41, 24.81, 24.91
Caretaker’s office (Bldg. 25.32 U1.21): 81-13989

Area: 26, 28, 29
Caretaker’s office (Bldg. 26.21.U1.26): 81-13986

Caretaker’s office (annex/decentralised post room): 81-12600

Disposal of hazardous and household waste

; Tel. 81-14444

Student Services Centre (SSC)

Central telephone number: 81-12345

General Student’s Committee (AStA)

Secretarial office: 81-13281

Studierendenwerk Düsseldorf (organisation that provides economic, health-related, cultural and social support services for students)

Info point (Bldg. 21.12.00): 81-15777

Commissioner for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses

Counselling Centre offered by the Commissioner for students with psychological or physical impairments


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