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Campus of Ideas

What's behind the Campus of Ideas?

Universities are true think tanks. With the Campus of Ideas, CEDUS would like to promote a wealth of ideas, innovations and networks across the boundaries of disciplines, faculties and status groups. The focus is on how ideas can be generated and implemented efficiently, pragmatically and with great motivation.

The Campus of Ideas includes numerous activities such as workshops and impulse lectures by founders, fun activities and the big HHU Ideas Competition - all with a focus on idea generation, implementation and innovation.

When and where?

  • The Campus of Ideas will run through the 2023 summer semester.
  • The starting signal will be given on May 2nd.
  • The Campus of Ideas will end with the award ceremony of the HHU Ideas Competition on July 13th.
  • All events will take place at the PopUp coworking containers on the lawn in front of the ULB.

How to participate?

It's very simple! Here are all our events listed. With just a few clicks you can find out about the individual formats and then simply be there on time.

Everything is free of charge and without obligation. Of course, all members of HHU are invited, but external interested parties can also participate in many events. So if you want to bring friends or family, for example, you are very welcome.

However, there are also events that are only aimed at certain target groups or for which only limited places are available. You can find the information in the individual event descriptions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail at .

Our events in May

Caro Gattermann - Bekannt ohne Budget

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

Homework, studying for exams, part-time job, preparing a paper - you've got a lot on your plate and are starting to lose track? Then join us and learn a few simple tricks on how to organize yourself better and work more concentrated and efficiently!

Luisa Wulf

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

If everything is possible, what should I do? What decision should I make with all the abundance of options? What can my life look like (after graduation)? - You're studying and, theoretically, the world is your oyster. But having a choice also means having to make decisions. And that's not so easy. In this impulse talk you will get ideas on how to strengthen your decision-making skills and you will learn to enjoy the choices again instead of going through life overwhelmed.

Axel Dieterle - Bunky UG

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

I will talk about how I turned my homelessness into an app ranked #2 today with 30,000 users. In doing so, I'll explain how I built a team with 0€ startup capital and no prior knowledge and got funding totaling 50,000€. All this was done from an attic in Cologne, as I couldn't afford regular rent and put all my time into smart collaborations and offline marketing. Sounds crazy? It is, but I love this story and love to share it with you!

Thomas Riedel - Droid Boy Produktion

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

This impulse talk provides insight into the media hype of Metaverse and how it has evolved over the last 18 months. It also attempts a metaverse definition, which should be helpful to understand the principle, but not to define the future. After all, there are already enough bad future narratives. This raises the question: what else is there to do? Answer: we are just at the beginning. So there are super many ways to solve problems entrepreneurially!

Kevin Kessler - EINFACH Schorle

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

I'll take you on my journey as a (student) multiple founder! In this short impulse I will talk about what it means to start a business in different phases of life and career. For this purpose, I'll tell you a little bit about the secrets: How was founding a company when I was a student founder, then as a full-time founder in a venture model with ThyssenKrupp, and now as a part-time founder of EINFACH Schorle? What did I learn in the process? What would I do again, what would I do differently? Each phase has its advantages and disadvantages. Together we will go into a bit of detail about when might be the right time for when with which idea and that it is basically always the right time to pursue your professional passion! Of course, there is enough time for a personal exchange and your questions.

Manuel Müller - Mak3it

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

The global community is currently confronted with major societal challenges and will continue to do so in the future. Due to the complexity and interconnectedness of current and future challenges, there is a need for strategies and approaches that can be applied universally. The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer countries, individuals and organizations a framework for action in which a sustainable future can be shaped. Companies & startups also need to break new ground and actively participate in solving current and future challenges. In this event, you will learn about the 17 SDGs and how they can pave the way for sustainable entrepreneurship.

Bilal Zafar

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

Without entrepreneurs, the world would not exist in this form at all. However, the step toward self-employment or starting a business is always a risky one - one that many would like to take, but don't dare. But why not? Listen to this short interactive lecture on our startup story and get inspired! Of course, there will be enough time for your questions and personal exchange.

Simonetta Batteiger - Inclusive Leaders

Short workshop (2 hrs.)

We all know that different perspectives are a driver of innovation. In practice, however, it is often difficult to change one's own point of view or to deal constructively with different perspectives on the same topic. What can I do practically to find access to my own natural creativity and wisdom, and to open the door to this also in relation to others? And what might be standing in my way?

Our events in June

Caro Gattermann - Bekannt ohne Budget

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

You have a business idea - or not - but you know that you have a founder's soul and you would like to realize yourself with your own company after or during your studies instead of pursuing the classic corporate career? Then come and listen to Startup Coach Caro talk about the 10 steps it takes to go from zero to startup and ask her all your questions afterwards!

Romina Bayer & Hannah Jensen - Women Entrepreneurs in Science

Short workshop (2 hrs.)

In the workshop "Your Purpose" we will show you different approaches and methods that support you in your search for your "Why" and try them out together.
Define your individual values and goals for the coming months and years and use the opportunity to actively shape your own path.
You need nothing more than yourself and about 1.5 hours of time to participate in the workshop. Get to know yourself better and exchange ideas with others who are facing the same challenge of finding their Why.

Karin Mlaker - Change Coach

Short workshop (1 hr.)

How about keeping your laptop closed for your next presentation and ditching the boring PowerPoint? Here are tips and tricks for creating creative flipcharts that will engage your audience emotionally and anchor key messages in their minds. You don't need to have artistic talent, just the right material, the right techniques, good templates and a desire to be creative.

The workshop is limited to 15 people (first come - first served principle) and you will have the opportunity to try out what you have learned immediately.

Stella Schneider - Remote Business Compass

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

How do you build your own online business to be able to work independently in terms of time and location? Through my own 3 part-time startups and now full-time entrepreneurship, I introduce you to different business models. What is important when starting up? Why is remote working so valuable and rewarding? No matter if the plan of a permanent position incl. part-time business development or the direct jump as a solopreneur: here everyone can take inspiration!

Kamil Barbarski - Walk About You

Outdoor-Workshop (approx. 3 hrs.)

This outdoor workshop is about developing ideas for projects, products or the like that suit you.

Nature and a group of like-minded people provide the perfect environment to be creative and clear your mind.

The workshop is suitable for everyone, whether you already have a concrete idea or not. And you might even end up being part of a team that brings something special into the world.

Come along and let nature inspire you!

Alex Haufschild - socialbnb

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

The social impact startup socialbnb is developing an online platform that connects travelers with social and ecological projects or social businesses around the world. On the platform, their unused premises are offered to sustainably interested travelers as overnight accommodation. Through the overnight stay on site, the projects receive a sustainable source of income apart from donations and can thus finance their valuable work.
In this way, socialbnb creates a new form of sustainable tourism from which everyone benefits. One of the founders, Alexander Haufschild tells us how a student project became a startup with a global orientation, what it means to found a social startup and how the startup deals with challenges.

Our Events in July

Jana Emontz

Impulse talk (20 - 30 min.)

Problem-solving ability is the ability to analyze, understand and solve problems. It is one of the so-called future skills, just like agile working or software development. In the future, we will need these skills more and more in our everyday life, in our studies and especially in our professional life. In this impulse lecture you will learn on the basis of your own problems how to develop this skill and be better prepared for the future!


On the lawn in front of the ULB we offer you our PopUp-Coworking again from May 2nd to July 13th, 2023. Here we are available for feedback discussions on ideas, for general information and questions. But here is also the place to meet, where all participants* could exchange ideas with each other. And a place where workshops, lectures and small events and actions take place.

The organizers

The organization of the Campus of Ideas comes together at CEDUS, where the idea for the campaign and many of the measures originated, and where most of the threads ultimately come together.

The Center for Entrepreneurship Düsseldorf (CEDUS) at Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is committed to a lively, collaborative start-up culture - both here at the university and in the region. Whether in our office hours or a speedback session, whether in a classic start-up consultation or at one of our numerous events: We are your contact for all questions about self-employment and starting a business.


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