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Our GoAbroad Info Fair 2019

Erasmus, scholarships abroad, internships abroad - students of HHU took advantage of the information fair to get advice on the subject of "studying abroad".

For the fourth time in a row, the GoAbroad Info fair took place on 27 November 2019 on the occasion of studying abroad. The fair is organized annually by Heinrich-Heine-University (HHU) and is hosted by the foreign ambassadors of the five faculties as well as the International Office of HHU. Around 20 exhibitors were guests this year, including, for the first time, the faculties of HHU, which were represented with their own stands. The spectrum of content ranged from the clarification of financing issues and language acquisition to establishing contacts with foreign organizations in and outside Europe.
Professor Stefan Marschall, Vice President for International Relations and Science Communication, welcomed the students at the fair.

The fair took place within the "GoAbroad week", during which students could use, among other services, advisory services and seminars on studying in Europe and overseas offered by the International Office. A "speed meeting" with students who have already completed a stay abroad offered interested parties first-hand experience. The "GoAbroad-Party", organised by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN), concluded the international week.

The GoAbroad team consists of the foreign ambassadors of the faculties and represents a bridge between the Rectorate and the individual faculties. They are the contact persons for international matters and are available to answer questions about your stay abroad.

For more than 30 years, the EU ERASMUS programme has been successfully helping students to study abroad and continues to enjoy growing numbers of applicants. It is personal experiences abroad that have a lasting effect on one's own career and path of life. The increasing relevance of the experience abroad on the job market should not be underestimated. HHU supports all internationalization efforts, be it through the GoAbroad fair, partnerships abroad, staff mobility, student exchanges or mobility grants.

More information about "HHU GoAbroad":
Instagram: @hhu.goabroad
Facebook: hhu.goabroad


Should you really dare to live and study in another country for several months? We say clearly: Yes! An experience abroad is both exciting and instructive. You will find exciting courses at partner universities that are not offered at HHU. You will acquire intercultural and language skills from which you will benefit throughout your life. You will develop personally and improve your chances on the job market. And last but not least: You will have a lot of fun!

On November 23, 2021, the GoAbroad week will start in the HHU Events App with numerous consulting offers on the topic of a stay abroad. Our message: Everyone has the chance to go abroad during their studies! GoAbroad should help you to find your way through the jungle of possibilities. More information about the GoAbroad week can be found under Events.

On the following pages, you can find out what questions and concerns students often have before going abroad, what opportunities the stay abroad offers and where you can get support: Take a look at the 5 myths of going abroad. If you want to see and hear how HHU students approached their experience abroad and what they experienced far away from home, go to the voices from abroad.  You can also find out what events are currently taking place at HHU on the subject of studying abroad.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on these pages, click on More questions! Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions in connection with the International Week.

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